Interview with Revius

Dr. Jacob Revius barely wrote any poetry since he left Deventer. Currently, he is spending his time in teaching students, fighting opponents and writing elaborate theological works in Latin. This month he will be publishing a history of Deventer: Daventria illustrata.

Place: regent’s house in the Statencollege, Cellebroedersgracht, Leiden

Time: Monday, November 11th 1650


Illustration: Jan den Ouden

These times the whole country is upset, and so is Revius. ‘Who would not weep’, he sighs while meeting me on the doorstep, ‘at the huge disaster that befell us? The Prince is dead, and we don’t know if an heir will be born shortly. But it’s no wonder, we provoked this flash of lightning by our sins against the merciful Father in heaven.’

I’m nodding meekly, standing on the floormat, dripping water all over. The maid helps me take off my soaking-wet coat, draping it over a clothes chest in the corridor. Only then Revius seems to remember the claims of courtesy. He excuses himself and asks politely whether I had a good journey. Rain has been pouring all day, which is not very pleasant when you’re walking from the barge pier to the Cellebroedersgracht.

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