Enny de Bruijn

journalist, researcher and author 


De hoeve en het hart was shortlisted for the Libris History Award 2020, the Dutch award for history books in the genre of literary nonfiction. The history magazine Historisch Nieuwsblad made a nice animated

video on the five nominated titles.

Winner of the award was Pieter van Os, with the book Liever dier dan mens.

In a nutshell, De hoeve en het hart is about a farmer’s family in Herwijnen, a small village in the Dutch province of Guelders, during the Dutch Golden Age. The letters of several family members have survived during three centuries, and now they are a rather unique historical source, telling the story of these farmers from an inside perspective.

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The book is based on extensive historical research and provides

exciting tales about horses, dykes, floods, mice and cattle plague, but also about forbidden marriages, fights, manslaughter, religion, honour and love.

 November 2, 2020