Unknown poems and speeches

The biography I wrote about the seventeenth-century poet and theologian Jacob Revius (1586-1658) was published on May 8, 2012. This book refers to poems (and speeches) which cannot be found in the verse collection Over-Ysselsche sangen en dichten.  Some of these texts are newly discovered, some of them are just nearly inaccessible. A table of these literary texts can be viewed here, the full text of the poems and speeches can be read here. The copyright for the translations (in Dutch) is owned by their respective translators, as can be read here.


Interview with Revius

Dr. Jacob Revius barely wrote any poetry since he left Deventer. Currently, he is spending his time in teaching students, fighting opponents and writing elaborate theological works in Latin. This month he will be publishing a history of Deventer: Daventria illustrata. Meer info

Research summary

Revius’s versatile personality and varied work open a window to some important discussions in seventeenth-century society. His outspoken views overtly clashing with contemporaneous opinions and developments make him not only interesting as a person and as a poet, they also provide insight in the religious and literary culture of the seventeenth-century Dutch Republic. Meer info


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