Literature and magic
Seven questions on Harry PotterĀ 
(essay, 15-7-2007)

During the past ten years, the debate on Harry Potter has grown big among Christian readers. The arguments became more complex, the opinions more nuanced. Still, the key question remains the same. Is the author shrewdly paving the way for magical practice, or is she delivering a positive message under the mask of mythical imagery? Meer info

Constantin Asavoaie:
Always a second chance (interview, 20-10-2006)

‘One night my dad drank two bottles of brandy. That was the reasonĀ he died, leaving us in terrible circumstances. When I was ten years old, I had to work as a shepherd during the holidays. But while I was watching the sheep, I read all books of Nobel prize winning authors I could get my hands on.’ Meer info

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