In search of a vanished world

A village by the riverside, in the middle of the country. I’ve spent many hours there, walked along the dyke, visited the farmhouses, watched the seasons changing the colors. But behind the present village of Herwijnen another village is hidden – deeper in time, deeper in space. Only visible to those who are able to read. Apple blossom and rapeseed in spring, bare meadows in winter…’
About the making of De hoeve en het hart (The Homestead and the Heart) I wrote a (Dutch) article in RD Magazine; you can read the full text here.


Roosa genealogy: legends and facts

Over the centuries, the history of the Roosa family has been intertwined with legends and theories. This article argues why Gijsbert Goertsen and his descendants are probably not related to Jutte van Heukelum, Jutte van Culemborg and Arnt van Rosendaell. And why the traditional Roosa legend should get a little credit (although it’s wise to be careful).

The Roosa family is a well-researched family, both in the Netherlands and the United States. Many articles and webpages have been devoted to the story of Gijsbert Goertsen and his descendants. And it’s interesting to see how a strong genealogical tradition is running through this family.
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Book presentation

My book De hoeve en het hart: een boerenfamilie in de Gouden Eeuw (The Homestead and the Heart: a farming family in the Dutch Golden Age) was released on June 12th, 2019. Speeches were held by Mai Spijkers (publisher Prometheus), Wijnand Mijnhardt (Professor of Comparative History of the Sciences) and Henk Massink (senior policy officer at the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality). I’m also very grateful tho the board of the Mr. C. en mej. M. M. Vervoornstichting in Herwijnen. They opened up their beautiful old farmhouse Den Ouden Dijk for this book event.