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Enny de Bruijn

journalist, researcher and author  


After the release of my book De hoeve en het hart (The Homestead and the Heart, about a family of farmers in the Dutch Golden Age), I got many questions about the Roosa family.

Now, my book is about the Roosa’s indeed, but it’s not a genealogical study. You could call it an example of microhistory: it describes the mentality and culture of farmers in the Dutch province of Guelders in the early modern period (1600-1750).

Nevertheless, I got a lot of genealogical questions: ‘Did you know that Gijsbert Goertsen’s father was Goert Reijersen’ or ‘Why do you think Gijsbert Goertsen’s father was not Goert Reijersen?’
In my book there was only room in the footnotes to explain a few things – that’s why I thought it would probably be best to clarify the matter in a seperate article on my website.

In my opinion, the Roosa family is not related to Goert Reijersen, Jutte van Heukelum, Jutte van Culemborg and Arnt van Rosendaell – you’ll find my arguments here.

September 7, 2019