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Welcome to the website of Enny de Bruijn, journalist, researcher and author. Here you’ll find information on the book she is writing and on her biography of Jacob Revius.


Life after Revius: no more Latin, no more intellectual debates on predestination and cartesianism. I’m now busy studying a seventeenth-century farmer’s family in the Dutch province of Guelders.

It’s all caused by Arien van Rijckhuijsen (1671-1750), a farmer from the village of Herwijnen. Maybe he lived a rather unremarkable life, nearly eighty years on the same farm, in the same village. But as a person, he stands out because he was a writing farmer. He loved telling family stories, and as his son lived in the city of Leiden, he wrote many letters on the subject.
These letters have survived three centuries, and now they are a rather unique historical source, telling the story of a farmer’s family in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries from an inside perspective.
It’s what I’m going to write about in my new book.
Though that will take some time yet.
July 14, 2016